Strong America

“US Strong America import and export trading company” was established in 1995, operating food import and wholesale business. The company perennial exclusive agent on the US market is very popular in the Asian brand-name products, the main tea, spices, restaurants, dry goods, canned products, rice, rice products, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit, sugar sesame, Chinese herbal medicine, health care products , More than two thousand kinds of daily necessities products. Each year from Southeast Asia to import more than 2,000 containers for the United States more than 20 states and eastern Canada, thousands of supermarkets supply of goods, logistics and distribution has covered the entire eastern and central and western regions. After years of painstaking efforts by the company’s team and the expansion of the mainstream US market, has become one of the largest oriental food importers in the United States.

NYMG wholesale

NYMG seafood meat trade wholesale company, franchise all kinds of fresh, frozen food, uphold the spirit of service, and in the shortest possible time, to provide customers with high quality and low cost of meat wholesale. To the quality of the first, fresh first, the customer first “Trinity” business philosophy for consumers to do strict checks, carefully selected the freshest meat, low temperature distribution of the Chinese city chain supermarkets and other areas. Wholesale products include all kinds of seafood, pork, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, goose, everything, a wide range.

Sunray seafood wholesale

Sunray Seafood Wholesale Trading Company is headquartered in Florida, is a collection of imported, fishing, wholesale in one of the seafood company. Mainly from Central and South America and the United States and Canada fresh seafood.