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The No.1 American East Coast Chinese Retailer
The No.1 Chinese Retailer
For thousands of years, Food phrase has accompanied us in this nation , whether expatriate or exile across the sea, ” Chinese food” is the nation can not change.

New York Mart,On a bridge between China and the US to play the role, continue to the ” Chinese food” as well as other Asian foods to the United States, only to non-resident foreign land wanderer table presented hometown flavor, also a broad ancient Chinese “food ” culture to flourish in North America , making it one of the most popular on the American tongue tastes.

New York Mart Group is a retail supermarket, set foreign trade import , wholesale, plant breeding , seafood harvesting, storage and logistics, catering services as one integrated enterprise group. The Group is currently in New York, Boston , Florida , Maryland and other densely populated and convenient transportation of Chinese gathered in the eastern United States to open a total of 10 sets of more than fresh food, daily necessities, maternal and child health in one of the major supermarket chains. Thousands of items on supermarket sales, the average supermarket area of ​​15,000 feet, the employment of more than 1,000 employees, with an average daily volume of people on the customer service, thousands of dollars in annual sales per square foot, and the establishment of Sino-US and thousands of well-known suppliers good long-term mutually beneficial business partnership, the eastern United States has become the largest Chinese chain supermarkets.

Group continues to expand in two decades in the business to grow in the highly competitive US supermarket industry standing tall, it has become one of the Asian nation’s largest supermarket group.

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